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008 Speedling planter flats (trays) revolutionized the transplant industry with the introduction of the inverted pyramid design. With over 40 years of experience, we take pride in the quality of various tray sizes we offer. All trays are manufactured on site, and available to ship across the U.S. or internationally. See below to select the tray size to fit your needs.

With only slight variance on the width, the flats have an approximate outside dimension of 26-5/8″ in length and 13-5/8″ in width.

Truck Package Dimensions: 46 x 28″ x 27″ (20.13 cu. ft.) The Commercial Truck Freight Rate is based on Class300 Rating 53-ft. Commercial Truck Trailers hold 176 Cases 40-ft. Hi-Cube Ocean Containers hold 110 Cases….20-ft. Containers hold 52 Cases Note: 20-ft. Containers are not available in Hi-Cube.

“A” Model Flats

Our “A” Flats are at least 2.2# density (heavier than our “T” Flats) and are perfect for traditional greenhouses with raised benches that consist of a “T” rail suspension system that provides free air movement under the flats, resulting in air pruning of the transplant roots. We recommend using our Peatlite Mix for your soilless media needs, but if you choose another product – do not use sand in mix. To extend the life of our your Speedling Flats take care to avoid physical damage – and protect the trays from excessive heat and ultraviolet light when not in use.


Model TR392A
392 Cells – ¾ in. sq.
2.5 in. deep .9 Cu. In.
UPS Pkg. – 5/pkg. (6#)
Truck Pkg. 36/case (36#)
PP 10 ea. – 12#
Model TR200A
200 Cells – 1 in. sq.
3 in. deep 1.9 Cu. In.
UPS Pkg. – 4/pkg. (6#)
Truck Pkg. – 30/Case (35#)
PP 8 ea. – 12#
Model TR128A
128 Cells – 1 1/2 in. sq.
2.5 in. deep 2.6 Cu. In.
UPS Pkg. – 5/pkg. (6#)
Truck Pkg. – 36/Case (37#)
PP 10 ea. – 12#
Model TR18A
18 Cell – 4 in sq.
4 in. deep
UPS Pkg. – 3/pkg 6#
Truck Pkg. – 22/Case (35#)
PP 6 ea- 12#

“T” Model Flats

Our “T” Model Flats are 1.8# density (lighter than our “A” flats). “T” flats are manufactured for a float production application of transplants, where air pruning of roots is not necessary.


Model TR392T
392 Cells – 1 in. sq.
2.5 in. deep .9 Cu. In.
Truck Pkg. – 36/Case (26#)
Model TR288T
228 Cells – 7/8 in. sq.
2.5 in. deep
Truck Pkg. – 36/Case (35#)
Model TR338DT
338 Cells – 13/16 in. sq.
2.25 in. deep .9 Cu. In.
Truck Pkg. – 40/Case (31#)