Sun City, Florida

Sun City

For over 40 years, the Sun City nursery has operated from their corporate headquarters in Sun City, located approximately 25 miles south of Tampa on the West Coast of Florida. As Speedling's first nursery operation, over the years renovations and improvements have resulted in varied greenhouse structures all using the freestanding t-rail benching with overhead irrigation. The total footage under cover is 800,000 sq. ft.

Located within 1 mile of Tampa Bay, the Sun City nursery benefits from the cooling sea breezes. High light levels in Sun City combined with the cooling effect of Tampa Bay give Sun City Nursery a unique microclimate for maximizing plug quality.

The climatic benefit of this location along with the ability to ship directly from Tampa's international airport enhances this nursery. The size of this nursery enables use of a variety of seeders to meet specific customer needs. The germination chamber is divided into several totally independent chambers. Each chamber operates with its own cooling, heating, fog, humidity and light control to accommodate the specific requirements of each crop until it is ready for growing off in the greenhouse.

This nursery prides itself on quality production of both ornamental and vegetable crops and welcomes your inquiries.

Nursery Physical Address

3440 Cockroach Bay Road
Ruskin, FL 33570

Mailing Address

P. O. Box 7220
Sun City, FL 33586-7220

Phone: 813-645-2543
Fax: 813-645-1906
Toll Free: 800-771-2543

Corporate Physical Address

4447 Old US Hwy 41
Ruskin, FL 33570

Mailing Address

P. O. Box 7220
Sun City, FL 33586-7220

Phone: 813-645-3221
Fax: 813-645-8123
Toll Free: 800-881-4769

Bushnell, Florida


The Bushnell greenhouse facility of Speedling, Incorporated is located on 60 acres in the heart of Sumter County just north of Tampa in Central Florida. This facility was constructed in 1984.

This nursery represents the introduction of our sub-irrigation growing system and consists of approximately 700,000 square feet of growing space. It is divided into two separate, but identical ranges. Each range has its own independent water and fertilizer tanks with a capacity of 4,000,000 gallons of recirculating irrigation water.

The sub-irrigation system circulates water underneath the trays rather than relying on overhead sprinkler irrigation. This allows the transplant trays to be watered and fertilized without wetting the foliage – an important consideration for preventing diseases. This facility served as the prototype for our Nipomo, California facility that was constructed in 1992.

This is primarily a vegetable nursery, but has also been the site for production of tobacco seedlings and seed geranium production. In addition to this, Bushnell is the production site for our Speedling soilless media that is used within our greenhouse operations, as well as being available for sale to growers and home gardeners through our Horticultural Products Division.

Physical Address:

2722 SE 60th Avenue
Bushnell, FL 33513

Mailing Address:

P. O. Box 307
Bushnell, FL 33513

Phone: 352-793-6715
Fax: 352-793-3410
Toll Free: 800-940-4769

Blairsville, Georgia


Nestled in a lush valley in the mountains of Georgia you will find Speedling's Blairsville nursery.

With the most modern growing system to optimize efficiency of space, resources and people, this nursery produces exceptional quality ornamental and vegetable plugs. Greenhouse capacity can accommodate 150,000 plug trays and approximately 50,000 hanging baskets grown under glass cover. Within the 720 feet by 430 foot growing area you will find a totally climate controlled environment divided into 10 computer controlled management zones.

Plug trays are moved from the greenhouse to the shipping area on rolling tables and transferred to moving belt conveyors prior to loading into boxes or racks. The plugs are then shipped by a trucking company, Federal Express or customer pickup.

From germination to shipping, great attention to detail ensures plugs that will satisfy even the most discerning grower.

Physical and Mailing Address:

199 Crawley Gap Road
Blairsville, GA 30512

Phone: 706-745-7057
Fax: 706-745-7638
Toll Free: 800-785-1077

Nipomo, California

(California Headquarters)

California operations for Speedling are headquartered in Nipomo, which is located on California's Central Coast. This nursery boasts a state-of-the-art 660,000 square foot growing facility.Nipomo also takes advantage of an additional 312,000 square feet of growing space at their sister facility in Coalinga, California.

The Nipomo facility was constructed in 1992, utilizing a patented sub-irrigation system. This system aids in disease prevention, recycles irrigation water and rainwater.




Physical/Mailing Address:

1040 N. Thompson Road
Nipomo, CA 93444

Phone: 805-489-8500
Fax: 805-473-3928
Toll Free: 800-557-8500

Watsonville, California


Acquired in 1997, this nursery enjoys the mild coastal climate of Santa Cruz County. With over 502,000 square feet of transplant production, Watsonville was acquired to compliment our San Juan Bautista Nursery in providing quality vegetable plugs. Here too, we can grow your Organic products in a dedicated greenhouse range.

In addition to producing a wide and varied range of vegetable transplants, we are pleased to provide beautiful poinsettia pots for the holiday season. The poinsettias are offered in numerous sizes and varieties to fill every niche market.

All of our California Nurseries offer on time, flexible delivery services.



Physical/Mailing Address:

56 Peckham Road
Watsonville, CA 95076

Phone: 831-763-9659
Fax: 831-763-9772

San Juan Bautista, California

San Juan

The San Juan Bautista nursery was Speedling’s first in California opened in 1983, as a source for production of Organic vegetable transplants which remains a specialty of the SJB team. It is located in San Benito County and is in close proximity to the Salinas valley. The San Juan Baustista Nursery boasts 200,000 square feet of Greenhouse. This picturesque and historic part of California offers a moderate climate and ideal growing conditions for a variety of crops, including a seasonal rotation of poinsettias.

All of our California Nurseries offer on-time, flexible delivery services.



Physical/Mailing Address:

2640 San Juan Highway
San Juan Bautista, CA 95045

Phone: 831-623-7800
Fax: 831-623-4437

Alamo, Texas


Located on the southern outskirts of the city of Alamo, Texas in the fertile sub-tropical Rio Grande Valley, this nursery consists of thirty prime acres of commercial and/or residential land with its east property line adjoining a major farm road (FM907).

The Alamo nursery provides a greenhouse range with a space capacity of more than 200,000 square feet along with an outside plant conditioning area with a space capacity of some 80,000 square feet. This division produces a full line of vegetable transplants and serves a market territory that lies east of the Continental Divide to the western edges of the Mississippi River and from the Canadian border to the Mexican border.

This facility produces a wide range of crops with the highest volume of transplants produced being onions, hot peppers, cabbage, lettuce and romaine, watermelons, honeydew melons and cantaloupes. Additionally, Alamo produces tomatoes, sweet peppers, broccoli, squash, eggplants, collards, asparagus and pumpkins. Historically, Speedling's Alamo division has been considered the industry leader in Texas.

Our staff at Alamo welcomes your inquiries about any transplant production. Call or email today (956-787-1911) to learn more about what this quality nursery can do for you.

Physical Address:

1 Mile South Alamo Road-FM907
Alamo, TX 78516

Mailing Address:

P. O. Box 730
Alamo, TX 78516

Phone: 956-787-1911
Fax: 956-787-5556
Toll Free: 800-892-5266