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Investing in the Future: Speedling Interns

Internships are extremely important for preparing students for the real world. A good internship is a symbiotic relationship between a company and the intern, both benefiting from one another. Speedling is lucky enough to have hosted interns from all over the world. They bring unique cultural, educational and professional experiences to the challenges we face.

Speedling has a long-standing relationship with The Ohio State University, whose program has helped place International students with us for several years. Our Human Resources department works with both our management team and University Officials to ensure we receive the most professional interns, who are the best fit for our locations.

The interns we host are typically fulfilling an international study requirement. The Human Resources department collaborates directly with the University to implement a training plan that will benefit each student on a professional and personal level. Speedling internships are 12 month paid positions. During this time students are provided with housing and a company vehicle to share with other interns.

We understand the value our interns are bringing to Speedling. They are often nominated as Speedling’s Above & Beyond employee of the month. Most recently in February, our Sun City Nursery Intern Ignacio Lopez received the award. His tenacity and dedication in designing and implementing a new process for the nursery was not overlooked. It is a pleasure to be able to work with such a positive hard working individual, and we were happy to take time to recognize Ignacio and all that he does. He is just one example of the positive impact our interns have across our company.

While developing their professional experience is a priority, it is also important our interns integrate into American Culture. Broadening their experiences helps make them well rounded, and leaves them with memories to last a life time. We encourage our interns to participate in holiday functions, local events and experience the culture around them. We know our students work hard, so we make it a priority to introduce them to the social opportunities available to them.

The Ohio State University has matched us with wonderful students, and our internship program continues to be a success. Its success has lead to many interns joining our program because they have heard from previous participants how enjoyable and worthwhile the Speedling experience has been. For more information, visit http://www.OhioProgram.org/.